Note: Throughout these competency sections we will provide suggestions on which LinkedIn Learning tutorials to go through. These suggestions may not always match up with the topic; sometimes a tutorial may cover topics that match up with later competencies. Not to worry, though -- if you follow along you will eventually cover all the necessary topics. If you want to work at your own pace feel free to go through the tutorials in any order you wish, or view topics that might be of interest to you. Also, feel free to explore other tutorials on the Web related to your program. There are numerous web sites dealing with each of these programs. And don't forget to make use of the program's "Help" menu if you need assistance.


No matter what authoring software you are using, it is important to first become comfortable working in that environment. Each program has a unique interface and a certain default arrangement of windows. Many of them are extremely customizable, so that you can arrange menus, palettes, and tools to your liking. You may already be comfortable getting around the PowerPoint interface. You may choose one of the authoring programs, including Flash, Studio, Storyline, Inspire, Captivate, and Camtasia.

For this first competency we'd like for you to take a good bit of time becoming familiar with the authoring program you are using for this course. Depending on the authoring software you are using, here are some LinkedIn Learning tutorials we recommend for acquainting yourself with the authoring environment. Keep in mind that the names of the tutorials may differ slightly depending on which set of tutorials you are using.

PowerPoint PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training
Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training
Flash Flash Professional CS6 Essential Training
Other programs Screencasting Fundamentals

You do not need to turn in anything for this competency. Just make sure you get familiar with the software you will be using for the rest of the course. Explore all of the windows, menus, and toolbars.