The Instructional Technology (IT) Master's Degree program offered through the Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies at Virginia Tech is designed to meet the needs of professional educators in K-12 schools, community colleges, and higher education, as well as corporate trainers and other instructional development professionals outside of the academic realm. The focus of the program is on the creation of effective solutions to support learning and improved performance. Individual professional experiences are highly valued and will form the basis for most of the projects developed throughout the program. Because this is a distance program, all courses are offered electronically via the World Wide Web. Depending on the nature of the course, supporting instructional content may consist of Web-based tutorials, textbooks, CDs, or other appropriate materials.

The Instructional Technology Master's program (ITMA) is a rigorous graduate program designed to prepare you to be a professional instructional technologist. As a graduate of the Virginia Tech Instructional Technology Program, you will enjoy the respect and opportunities afforded by completing one of the finest Instructional Technology programs in the country.

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