Program Questions

Program Questions

  • How are the courses delivered?

The courses are delivered online and typically are self-paced. The courses differ in their content; in addition to considerable written content, many courses are supported by multimedia websites and communication tools. There are some deadlines as a guide for completing work, but the program is quite flexible to fit your schedule. Textbooks and software required are similar to what you might expect for on-campus courses.

  • Are there ever face to face classes/meetings?

No. The entire program is completed on-line. There are no face to face classes/meetings. Interaction with other students in the same class and the instructor will be supported by various Blackboard functions (email, discussion board and etc).

  • For what audience is ITMA primarily designed?

At its inception, ITMA was designed with Virginia K-12 educators in mind. However, through various iterations, revisions have been made that have broadened the scope of ITMA. Now ITMA courses are also applicable to business, governmental, and non-profit professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and application of instructional theory and technological skills. Currently, we have students enrolled from all across the United States and from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

  • What degree will I receive?

ITMA students receive a Master of Arts in Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Instructional Technology. The same degree is awarded to on-campus and on-line students. As part of the Virginia Tech IT program, ITMA meets strenuous accreditation guidelines. The ITMA program has been approved by the Graduate School at Virginia Tech and thus the degree is officially recognized by Virginia Tech.

  • Do you offer an Ed. Specialist degree?

Yes, for those who already hold a Master's degree, we offer this option. In essence it amounts to having your current Master's count for 30 credit hours and then taking the typical coursework for the IT Master's degree. Of course, this is at the discretion of the ITMA Director.

  • How many hours do I have to take to graduate?

In order to graduate, you have to complete 30 credit hours of IT-related courses. You can take anywhere from one to twelve hours (full-time student status) every semester. However, we recommend students limit themselves to 3 credit hours for the first semester. ITMA students do find that the courses are rigorous. The minimum tuition is for 3 hours credit, so taking only one hour is not cost effective. We offer all ITMA courses every term.

  • How long until I graduate?

The length of your ITMA experience will depend on the number of credit hours you transfer in and on how many credit hours you take per semester. If you take the recommended, three credit hours per semester with no transfer credits, the program takes three years including summer sessions.





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