Introduction to the ITMA Faculty

The Virginia Tech Instructional Technology Program faculty make up the ITMA faculty. Each faculty member is a fellow within the University's Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and Education (CITSIE). Faculty have diverse interests that encompass all aspects of instructional technology. Their values and insights inspire the richness that characterizes the ITMA program. More information about our faculty can be viewed at the VT IT program website.

John Burton

Dr. John K. Burton
(Professor, Director of the Center for Instructional Technology Solutions in Industry and Education - CITSIE)

Dr. Burton has more than 25 years of experience in academia, course development, and program evaluation. His areas of expertise are multimedia authoring and educational psychology.

Katherine Cennamo

Dr. Katherine Cennamo

Dr. Cennamo has over 20 years of experience in the design and development of instructional materials for corporate, education, and non-profit sectors. Her areas of expertise are digital video and applied learning theories.

Barbara Lockee

Dr. Barbara Lockee

Dr. Lockee teaches courses in distance education, training, and instructional design. Her research interests focus on instructional design issues within e-learning environments, with a focus on evaluation.

Ken Potter

Dr. Ken Potter
(Clinical Assistant Professor)

Dr. Potter specializes in the application of innovative technologies to instructional situations and the design and development of electronic performance systems to support online learning. Dr. Potter will serve as your advisor during your time with the ITMA program.