Assignment Due Dates and Grading




Summer I
Summer II
Summer I & II
Lesson 1: Introduction to visual literacy Assignment 1: Visual Literacy Introduction 15
May 28
July 10
May 28
Lesson 2: Visuals and perception Assignment 2: Perceiving and Processing Visuals 25
June 1
July 14
June 4
Lesson 3: Visuals and emotions Assignment 3 Visuals and Emotions 20
June 5
July 17
June 11
Lesson 4: Visuals and semiotics Assignment 4.1: Introduction to Semiotics

Assignment 4.2: Semiotic Analysis

June 8
July 21
June 18
Lesson 5: Visuals and photography Assignment 5.1: Exposure Activity

Assignment 5.2: Composition

June 12
July 24
June 25
Lesson 6: Visuals that move Assignment 6.1: Camera Shots
Assignment 6.2: Mise-en-Scène Analysis
June 15
July 28
July 9
Lesson 7: Data/Info visualization Assignment 7: Infographics 25
June 19
July 30
July 16
Lesson 8: Visuals and storytelling Assignment 8: Your Story 25
June 22
August 3
July 29
Lesson 9: Visuals and ethics Assignment 9: Visual Ethics 20
June 29
August 7
August 7
Lesson 10: Visuals and learning Assignment 10.1: Visuals and Learning
Assignment 10.2: Reflection
July 2
August 14
August 14

***Important summer information:
Students can choose to work on assignments during both summer sessions. Students that registered for a course summer I session can choose to receive an Incomplete grade for summer I and continue to work into the summer II session. This allows a 12-week period to complete the course work. DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE COURSE AGAIN.

Students registered Summer I session:
If you choose to work during both sessions your ITMA facilitator will submit an I (incomplete) grade to the ITMA database and Hokie Spa at the end of summer I if at least one assignment has been submitted. When you have successfully completed all assignments, a grade change will be submitted by the facilitator of the course at the end of the 12-week period. (If you do not submit at least one assignment during summer I we will assign a grade of NG. An NG grade is calculated as part of the overall GPA and is treated as a failing grade until all work is submitted and a grade change can be processed.)
You also have the option to complete the course during the summer I

Students registered Summer II session:
Students have the option to submit work starting with summer I session. Grades will not be available until August 16, 2018 even if you finish the course work early.

Both Summer I and Summer II students:
Please email your current facilitator and let them know your summer plans as far as finishing this course. Include your name, semester you registered for the course, and the semester you plan to finish this course.