How to Submit Assignments

Submitting assignments involves several steps. First login to the SASI with your ITMA username and its password. Once you have logged into the SASI, select the course from the Modules list and SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT from the Options list. On the following page:

Step 1. Scroll to Select the assignment that you are responding to.

Step 2. Select the file on your computer that you want to upload for the assignment you selected in Step 1. You are given the option to browse a directory of files on your computer and select a file. When you identify the file you intend to upload to your ITMA filebox, the url that will be assigned to that file in the ITMA database will be shown and that information also will be added automatically into the ITMA database. You do not need to copy and paste url information as you might have done in the past.

Step 3. Press the Green Submit Assignment button. Pressing this button causes the file you selected to be uploaded into the appropriate course folder in your ITMA Filebox account. Assuming this process is successful, your file will be available for the course instructor and grader to review.