Shockwave and Flash

Shockwave and Flash allow you to play multimedia of various types created either with Macromedia Director or Flash. To see if you have the Shockwave & Flash plug-ins, check the two animations below. The first one is a Shockwave movie and the second one is a Flash animation. It may take a few moments for both of them to load.

Shockwave movie

Flash animation

If you don't see both examples, then you need to download and install the Shockwave and Flash plug-ins. You can download and install the latest versions of Shockwave and Flash together by clicking on the button below. Please be careful when selecting the appropriate version of Shockwave to download.

Get Shockwave

What Should I Do Now?

Once you have checked your computer for Shockwave and Flash, proceed to the next page to check for the RealPlayer...

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